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Come Dine With Me Update

Erm... Well, truth be told, I've been planning this one for a while now (the idea came to me while I was watching that wonder of nature the thunderstorm and had Come Dine With Me on in the background, in mid-late 2010, so the five chapters are sort of set then.)

I can put the synopsis up if you like:

Alison Mundy (Afterlife), Dr. Ciaran O'Keeffe (Most Haunted), Connor Temple (Primeval), Gwen Cooper (Torchwood) and Steph Haydock (Waterloo Road) all take part in the show Come Dine With Me, narrated by Dave Lamb and filmed by a few bemused cameramen who saw the whole thing and still don't know exactly what happened.
Note: Not one for Gwen fans.

I did notice on CDWM that they always have these types: The Flirty Mature Woman, The Psychic Medium, The Geek, The B***h/T****r, The Bohemian and a few other character types come up from time to time like The Snob, they're better than you and they won't let you forget it, The Loud One and The Normal One. This is beginning to sound like a poor man's Major Arcana (Tarot reference there. ;-) )

So, Cast:

Night 1: Steph Haydock (The Flirty Mature Woman)
Night 2: Connor Temple (The Bohemian)
Night 3: Gwen Cooper (The B***h)
Night 4: Dr. Cairan O'Keeffe (The Geek, and that's not a criticism)
Night 5: Alison Mundy (The Psychic Medium)
Dave Lamb (The Narrator)
A few cameramen (The Eyes)

Eh? "Life?" Never heard of it... [Whistles]