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Happy Birthday Janis Sharp!

Today is the birthday of Janis Sharp, the inspirational mother of Gary McKinnon. Happy Birthday Janis!

My good friend Cliff O'Sullivan's beautiful tribute to Janis: http://cliffsull.wordpress.com/2011/12/14/dear-janissharp-happybirthday-freegary/

Another good friend Julia O'Dwyer's (mother of Richard O'Dwyer who is also fighting extradition to the US on charges that are not a crime in the UK where the 'crime' took place) heartfelt tribute can be read here: http://juliasblog-the-fight-of-our-lives.blogspot.com/2011/12/14th-december-2011-happy-birthday-janis.html?spref=tw

Many happy returns to you, Janis! May the next year bring freedom to Gary and your family!

Come On 'Dave'

A few days ago, David Cameron insisted that he would stand up for Britain’s national interest, but if this is really the case, why not free Gary McKinnon and change the Extradition Law? Knowing that we cannot be extradited without evidence is far more in the nation’s interest than pissing Europe off to pander to the Eurosceptics in his own party.

Gary McKinnon was arrested in 2002 for accessing classified files on NASA and the Pentagon's systems between February 2001 and March 2002, I use the word 'accessing' and not 'hacking' as a lot of the domains did not have passwords; no passwords, no need to hack.

The US/UK Extradition Law was brought into play in 2003 and was retrospectively applied to Gary McKinnon. The treaty itself demands that sufficient evidence needs to be collected before a US citizen can be extradited to the UK for an alleged crime, whereas a UK citizen does not need that same level of evidence before they can be extradited, leading to it being suggested in some quarters that the Treaty is somewhat one-sided. This Treaty has been the subject of much controversy since its creation, notable cases include Gary McKinnon and Richard O'Dwyer, the young man who administrated the TVShak.net website; the website has no links to the US, but the US government still wants to extradite him on the grounds of 'conspiracy to commit copyright infringement' and 'criminal infringement of copyright' even though what he actually did is not considered a crime in the UK.

Gary McKinnon has Asperger's Syndrome, as diagnosed in August 2008 by Professor Simon Baron Cohen, and his actions of searching for evidence of UFO Cover-Ups was born from a desire to seek the truth and no to commit "The biggest military computer hack of all time!!!" (Which I'm glad nobody's being overly dramatic about.) Because of the naivety of ASC (Autistic Spectrum Conditions), the problems with his actions were not fully realised at the time and messages he left, such as "Your security is crap" were mis-interpreted by the US Government, who furiously reported "He mocked us!" The fact that he achieved this on a dial-up PC in a room in his girlfriend's aunt's home added further insult to injury.

As someone who has the same condition as Gary, I can sympathise with this; unfortunately, the internet doesn't convey the way in which something was said, so it is sometimes difficult to determine whether something was said in a matter of fact way, or a mocking way, or a light-hearted, jovial way, which can lead to many clarifications and apologies on my part.

Unfortunately for Gary, the blow to the pride of the US Military was sufficient for them to demand that he be extradited to the US to serve 70 years in a top security jail as a terrorist. Now, to me, 70 years for accessing unlocked files and informing the Pentagon that their security was not up to standard seems a bit excessive. Under UK Law, he would be charged with the Computer Misuse Act and given *either* 6 months in prison *or* a maximum fine of £5'000. So 70 years? Really?

Ever since his arrest nine years ago, the case has dragged on, being passed from Home Secretary to Home Secretary and almost shafted by Alan Johnson. Despite Gordon Brown's support, the US Government were still insistent on extraditing Gary. Gary's mental state has deteriorated much over these nine years, he has become very depressed and was even deemed to be a suicide risk if extradited to the US, not that this touched the cold heart of the Bush Regime.

But then a glimmer of hope seemed to emerge: David Cameron and Nick Clegg joined the campaign to Free Gary McKinnon with smiles and promises, made Gary one of their central issues, too. They promised, if elected, to free Gary from the mental torture these last nine years had brought to him. A year after they got into power, still nothing doing.

The issue was re-ignited when they received a state visit from the new President of America, Barack Obama, and they discussed Gary's case. Obama would be happy to accept their decision on the matter. It looked for a moment like it would finally happen, but over six months later, still nothing. What was 'Dave' playing at?

A few days ago, during a meeting with the other European leaders, David Cameron proclaimed that he would look after the national interest, and he refused to sign an agreement with the other leaders about the future of the Euro because he deemed it not to be in our national interest. If he really wanted to work in our 'national interest', then why is he not helping Gary, and by extension the rest of us, and changing the Extradition Law? Come on 'Dave', are the opinions of a few far right Eurosceptics in your own party really worth more to you than that?

Great Talk Today

Today I performed this talk to a lot of students and staff at the College about Autism/Asperger's/Autistic Spectrum Conditions, my colleagues (friends) were all there for support and the talk was very well received by the students; they had a genuine interest in the condition and a desire to learn about it, so that was brilliant too. Everyone was so nice about it, telling me that it went very well, it was very clear and I was very funny. (Awww... Thanks guys) I'm in such a elated mood now! I remembered a few things that I'd forgotten to say in the talk after, which is not good, but on the whole I think it went very well indeed.

Anyway, just thought I'd share that and blow my own trumpet a bit...

I Sick... :-(

See, Ciaran's even got his thermal imager out to check my temperature. (Is Geek :-P )

Warning: This post most definitely has TMI. Ye be warn'ed... (o_o)Collapse )

Still, it's not all bad news, I watched two episodes of Most Haunted, one of which had the anti-Antix rallying hero Chris Conway in it (Go Chris!) and the other was in Michelham Priory in my home county of Sussex (Yay! :-D) and had St. David Wells, the brilliant Dr. Ciaran O'Keeffe and everyone's favourite Paranormal Historian Richard Felix in it! (Yay 3 more times! :-D) and a thunderstorm has started now! (Yay again!)

This picture always cheers me up!

So much so, I've taken part of it as an icon! (^_^)

I love this picture of the team arsing around back in the good ol' days :-D , you know, before the infighting got really bad... :-(

Anyway, a nice piece of nostalgia for we Most Haunted fans. (^_^)

C. Series 8? Actually, I'm sure it's Series 8.

20th Birthday

I had a lovely birthday, Buddhist Meditation, Most Haunted, playing with the cat and eating with the family, drinking (not just alcohol ;-p ) and eating Mocha cake washed down with Baileys, the perfect combination! (^_^)

I'm tired now, so I'll be off soon. I hope you have a wonderful week, if I don't speak again before the weekend.

Doctor Who Personality Test

You are the Tenth Doctor
You are the Tenth Doctor
Take The Doctor Who Personality Test and Horoscope today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's <a Aww... I like the Doc. I also love Amy and River, but I'm not as kick-ass as they are, I'm more somebody annoys me and I pace around and mutter darkly about them for a bit until I calm down. :-P

It was...

I had a very strange dream a while ago: I was a rent boy in 1926 (that in itself is strange for a kick off), and I was called to Dr. Black's fancy do at Tudor Hall; I was not a guest, but I was not exactly staff either, although the cook Mrs White had been invited to his social gathering. We all knew how she cared for him, but he could not care for her in the same manner, perhaps this evening was giving her false hopes? I saw the guests too, leading social figures and his closest friends. Professor Plum, who gazed at me curiously, was a great mind, yet was hopelessly in love with the socialite Miss Scarlett who seemed unaware of his feelings, but would maybe have returned them if she did, had she not been leading Dr. Black on. Colonel Mustard, a strong military man, who was romancing Mrs Peacock, but who was keeping his illicit relations with the Reverend Green a secret, the only other person who knew was Dr. Black himself, he gave me an appraising, and slightly lustful, look as I moved past him and I deduced their feelings throughout the evening from the looks that he shared with the Reverend, who turned to me and...

I woke up! After a few seconds I burst out laughing! It was all hysterically funny!

I was a bit gutted that I didn't get to see who killed Dr. Black and with what, where and why, though.

The Devil is in the WWW

Ramesses and I were having a discussion about The Devil earlier:
Ramesses: I think The Devil is dead. :-/
Me: Why? :-/
Ramesses: Well, think about it, there was the Rubix cube in the 80s and he hasn't done anything since. [Shrugs]
Me: Yes, Dear. XD
Ramesses: Well he hasn't.
Me: How do you know that he's not branched out into the internet under the name General Error? ;-D
Ramesses: (0_0)