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Asperger's Little Professor

Intellectually gifted, socially hopeless

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Hello and welcome!

I'm Vicki, I'm a Brightonian, writer and a proud Aspie and ADHD person.

I like cats, history and paranormal investigation.

The dead are fine, it's the living you need to watch out for.

My fandoms:

My fandoms include classic Torchwood, Afterlife, Hex, Westworld, Downton Abbey, Ghostwatch and I dabble in Most Haunted.

My favourite bands are Sparks and Ultravox.

Random facts:

I enjoy creating, writing stories for a team of paranormal investigators that I know full well will never be published, but it's fun to dream.

I am agnostic and spiritually enquiring, but I hope that there is an afterlife of some kind.

"The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple." - Oscar Wilde.

"Whit's meant fer ye will no go by ye" - Scottish proverb.

"First drafts don't need to be perfect, they just need to be written."
70s/80s music, afterlife, akhenaten, alastair sim, alice cooper, alison mundy, alison/robert, alternative pairings, amarna period, amy/rory, ancient history, angels, anne boleyn, anne stokes, asperger's, astrology, autism, azazeal, bram stoker's dracula, brighton, cassie hughes, cassie/azazeal, cats, cavid, chris conway, ciaran o'keeffe, ciaran o'keeffe's animal impressions, ciro marchetti, comedy, courage the cowardly dog, dark fantasy, david bull, david wells, deductive reasoning, demons, derek/yvvy, derren brown, destiel, doctor who, doctor/river, downton abbey, drawing, dreamworlds, edwardians behaving badly, egyptology, electronica, fan fiction, femmeslash, gary numan, ghosts, ghostwatch, gordon smith, harry potter, hauntings, het, hex, history, ianto jones, jack harkness, jack/ianto, james goss, jane goldman, jonathan ross, joseph lidster, julian clegg, knowledge, laurel and hardy, margaret rutherford, matthew smith, matthew/david, memes, mental health, mhotp!, midge ure, mischievous imaginary friends, miserable old gits, most haunted, nathaniel parker, nefertari, nefertiti, paranormal activity series, paranormal investigators, parapsychology, phil whyman, phil/sara, philosophy, political satire, politics, poltergeists, possessed!derek, preston manor, private eye, psychics, ramesses, ramesses/nefertari, reading, real person fiction, richard felix, richard felix fangirl squad, richard felix/toshiko sato, robert bridge, russell kane, ryoko, sara whyman, sceptics, scottish people, shameless, shipping, simon's cat, slash, smenkhare, snape/sirius, sparks, spontaneous giggling fits, stephen fry, stephen volk, stopwatches, stupid jokes, supernatural, telepathic neckwear, the gilded tarot, the internet, the rocky horror show, the supernatural, the thick of it, the young ones, tinkerbell, torchwood, toshiko sato, ultravox, urban ghost stories, vlad/mina, westworld, writing, yes minister, yes prime minister